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G.L.O.W. Children's Ministry

God loves me and made me special - We Can Connect with God daily!

G.L.O.W. (God Lights our Way) Children's Ministry exists to partner with parents to grow disciples. We Give Little Ones the Word (GLOW) through fun, hands on relational experiences that focus on three core concepts:

  • God loves me and made me special - We Can Connect with God daily!
  • The Bible is God's special book for me - We Can Grow Together as we read it!
  • God has a special plan for my life - We Can Change the World!

G.L.O.W. Children's Ministry provides a fun, safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing environment for children ages 2-11. Opportunities are created so children can experience the love of God, grow in the knowledge of Christ, and make a differences as His hands and feet in the world.

Sunday School Sundays 9 am-10 am from September to June

Children's Church Sundays 10:30 am-12:15 pm

Preteens' Program Sundays 10:30 am-12:15 pm

Children ages 9-11 (Preteens) are encouraged to own their relationship with Jesus and Connect with God daily. 

The preteen curriculum consists of open ended questions that encourages preteens to think about God's truths as they Grow Together and grapple with it's implications for their lives.

Mission and ministry opportunities allow preteens to discover and use their gifts as they Change the World at home, at school and in their communities.

Vacation Bible School- Second week in August from 5:30 pm-9:00 pm

VBS provides a day camp like experience where toddlers through adults enjoy dinner, music, hands-on activities, and lessons related to living out the truths of God in real life!

For more information about G.L.O.W., contact G.L.O.W. AT  SBCC.

For more information on upcoming events, VIEW THE SCHEDULE HERE

For the parent / guardian permission slips, VIEW THE FORM HERE