SBCC Support Ministries

God's family, also called the church, is like a human body. Every person has a necessary part to contribute to the healthy functioning and growth of the church family. (Ephesians 4:15-16) Support Ministries contribute to the over-all health, growth and beauty of SBCC.

Decorating Ministry

Members of the Decorating Ministry use their gifts to enhance the beauty of the facilities and create an environment that fosters worship, fellowship and joy. The Decorating Ministry is responsible for decorating the sanctuary, classrooms, foyers and common church areas.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry exists to nurture fellowship and friendship by providing and coordinating refreshments and meals following the weekend worship service, and during events and meetings. Further, they seek to provide healthy snacks and meals to nurture the over-all health of the church family.

Marketing and Publishing Ministry

The Marketing and Publishing Ministry supports SBCC communication needs by sharing expertise and skills related to marketing, design, graphic arts, and written communication. The Marketing and Publishing Ministry seeks to share God's message through attractive and engaging communications.

Photography and Video Ministry

In this increasingly visual world, the Photography and Video Ministry exists to support the visual arts need of SBCC.  Whether capturing video testimonies, worship services, or events in still shots, the Photography and Video Ministry seeks to record God's family in action in order to share God's story in pictures.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry serves the church and the community by providing transportation services using the SBCC bus. Transportation Ministry members maintain a valid Class B license and share their gifts of service and hospitality by taking passengers to and from their destinations.


For More Information about Support Ministries contact Pastor Tammy Long at  SBCC Support Ministries.