Worship Ministries


Worship Ministries at SBCC are ministries which foster the opportunity for Connecting with God, Growing Together and Changing the World during the weekend worship gatherings.

Music and Drama Ministry

The Music and Drama Ministry provides a variety of creative and artistic experiences to enhance the worship of God and to make God's story more accessible through multiple expressions.  These expressions include the use of instruments, choral groups, ensembles, and dramatic presentations during worship services as well as outside church walls.

Hosting Ministry

The Hosting Ministry seeks to create an inviting environment for everyone to feel at home. Their mission is to make Sunday morning a pleasant and friendly experience, for members and visitors; from finding one's way around the campus to learning information about how to get connected.  SBCC is a warm and welcoming place, and the Hosting Ministry seeks to insure that everyone experience that warmth from the moment they enter the front door.

Baptism Ministry

Baptism is a highlight in the life of every believer. It is a public expression of a commitment to follow Jesus Christ and become a member of his family The Baptism Ministry guides new believers and those wishing to rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ through the process of this celebration.

Communion Ministry

Communion is the sacrament that symbolically retells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. It is a celebration of God's ultimate gift of love, and a time to give thanks and reaffirm our love in return. The Communion Ministry celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the preparation and serving of the communion elements in remembrance of Him.

Presentation Ministry

The Presentation Ministry exists to provide fresh, creative, visual excitement to stimulate and enhance the worship service experience. This ministry seeks to creatively communicate and reinforce God's message and mission through visual arts.

Audio and Duplication Ministries

The Audio Ministry provides sound support and audio recording for worship services and other church special events. The mission of the Audio and Duplication Ministries is to give glory to God by providing excellence in sound production and reproduction.

For More Information contact Pastor Art Flamer at SBCC Worship Ministries.