Charity Begins At Home by Tony DeGruy

On Sunday, November 24, in place of traditional Youth Service, in the Service as Worship motif, approximately 40 of SBCC’s youth assembled Thanksgiving Baskets for SBCC members and families in the community. 


The youth were paired up, male and female in “traditional roles” and tasked with shopping for a family; the “store” was the stage in the MPR that was stocked with the staples of a traditional Thanksgiving meal donated by SBCC members.  


Joshua Smith opened the service in prayer and the youth were reminded that serving the needy was “Jesus with skin on” and that the acts of mercy and sacrifice were every much as important if not more than an actual worship service.


Casually observing the service may have looked like chaos; it was not, for the Spirit’s presence was not lost on the youth as reflected by their comments”. Another youth perhaps captured it best. “While external mission projects are good, knowing that we can help our own (SBCC members) and those in our community, make this more real.”


Seeing the passion and determination of the youth confirmed the adage “I would rather see a service than hear one”.  Thanks to the parents of SBCC for training up such caring children and SBCC for presenting opportunities to Change the World.