Rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the least true and 5 being the most true.

1.    Connecting with God through worship and expressing my love for Him is something I do everyday.
2. I practice a daily quiet time of prayer and Bible reading, and look forward to spending time with the Lord.
3. I look to the Bible as God's authoritative instruction book for every aspect of my life.
4. Warmth, openness and acceptance consistently characterizes my interactions with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers.
5. I understand my spiritual gifts and use those gifts to serve God inside both inside and outside church walls.
6. I regularly pray for those who do not have a personal relationship with God.
7. Worship gatherings where I connect with God and God's people in praise and adoration is a highlight of my week that I rarely miss.
8. I intentionally and regularly incorporate a variety of spiritual practices such as solitude, meditation & fasting in order to connect with God.
9. I regularly participate in classes or group studies to learn more about God's Word; and how to live as a disciple of Christ.
10. I meet regularly with a small group of fellow believers who encourage my spiritual growth.
11. I seek and recognize opportunities every day to advance God's Kingdom through deeds as well as words.
12. I intentionally maintain relationships with those who do not have a personal relationship with God to share His story through friendship.
13. I actively participate in worship services by engaging in all elements of the service, because I know it is all about God, and not about me.
14. I spend as much time listening to God for his will and way, as I do studying about Him or talking to Him.
15. I can quote or paraphrase passages of scripture to affirm and apply God's truth and promises to my life; and to encourage others.
16. I am transparent with at least one person who holds me accountable in areas I need to grow spiritually.
17. I have identified a personal mission based on my gifts, interests and passions; and I serve regularly.
18. I look for open doors to make my faith known to neighbors, friends, and fellow employees as the Spirit leads me to share.
19. I live a life of worship, by being mindful of God's presence 24/7, and living in a way that brings God glory in word and deed.
20. I engage in spiritual practices simply to enhance my love relationship with God; not out of duty, obligation or because I want something.
21. I can explain biblical teachings related to faith, salvation, the Trinity and other doctrines foundational to my walk as a disciple.
22. I forgive others when their actions hurt me, and seek forgiveness when I hurt others
23. I sacrificially contribute a portion of my income in order to advance God's Kingdom through the mission and ministry of SBCC.
24. I look for opportunities to share Gods story across ethical, ethnic, cultural, economic, or any other social barriers in order to welcome all into the family of God.
25. My worship experiences, privately and corporately, not only express my love to God, but also nurture transformation in my life.
26. Through spiritual practices, I have learned to recognize God’s voice and maintain a continual dialogue with Him.
27. I consistently use a biblical worldview to inform and direct my perspective and choices; personally, socially, economically etc.
28. I am intentionally nurturing the spiritual growth of at least one person through discipling or mentoring.
29. The way I am currently serving through my personal mission provides a sense of purpose and joy in my life.
30. I can succinctly share God's story and answer why I follow Christ.


Final Results

Where are you on your journey?
How may God be leading you to grow deeper and wider?


CONNECTING WITH GOD thru Spiritual Practices:

GROWING TOGETHER in Discipleship:

CHANGING THE WORLD through Personal Mission:

CHANGING THE WORLD by Sharing Gods Love Story:



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